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【颜色说明】 现货供应黑色(照片黑)BK、浅黑色LK、浅浅黑色LLK、蓝色(青色)C、浅蓝色(浅青色)LC、红色(洋红色)M、浅红色(浅洋红色)LM、黄色Y等八种颜色。 【产品介绍】 彩纳(COLORNANO)是采用进口原料、引进德国先进的生产设备及检测设备,世界顶级的美国墨水科学配方配制而成,各项性能均能达到国际先进水平。 彩纳(COLORNANO)墨水具有如下优越的与众不同的特点,特别向广大客户推荐。 1、不堵塞、不损坏打印头 损坏并堵塞打印头的因素有劣质原料、使用试剂不当或试剂不纯、使用含金属离子多或未杀菌水等未处理水、配制后的过滤不良而颗粒超标、电导率、PH值超标等,这些不良因素导致原料溶解性差,容易引起周围环境的变化和长时间放置而分解,产生析出结晶,直接造成流畅性差、喷嘴堵塞和腐蚀打印头等不良影响,彩纳(COLORNANO)墨水采用德国原装进口生产设备、美国墨水科学配方,产品无需过滤即能达到纳米级水平。完全达到原装墨水的性能指标,从根本上杜绝了喷嘴堵塞甚至损坏打印头的可能性。 2、流畅性极佳 影响流畅性的因素诸多,上述原料、试剂、水等的混合物中金属离子含量、含菌量、颗粒大小超标以外表面张力、黏度、消泡性、干燥性、水溶性超标等,彩纳(COLORNANO)墨水除在原料、试剂、水等原料方面控制之外采用进口先进的检测设备进行严格的过程控制,性能指标均在控制范围之内,尤其在试剂中增加确保喷头长期不干燥的保湿性极强的特种试剂等,致使墨水具有极高的流畅性。 3、具有极高的稳定性 影响稳定性的因素除劣质原料容易吸取紫外线、冷热、引起分解并混合物中金属离子含量超标之外,混合物的抗聚合性差也导致墨水稳定性降低,其表现为墨水的保质期过短,受周围环境变化而色泽变异、遇冷遇热析出结晶、打印输出后色泽变化快等,彩纳(COLORNANO)墨水在原料、生产工艺、性能指标方面加以控制之外,所添加的特种试剂能确保热转印墨水保质期超过1年、并且打印输出后的效果可长期保存,可与原装墨水媲美。 Characteristics 1. Our ink productions make use of advance formulas from the U.S. as well as high quality imported raw materials. The product of transfer using our inks is brightly-colored and highly accurate, with an effect identical to that of imported inks. 2. The world-leading nano technology used by our company ensures higher color density, better ink flow, brighter color, and lesser ink use. 3. All our inks passed the SGS test and do not contain any harmful sustains prohibited or restrained in Europe or the U.S. These inks are harmless to human under correct usage. 4. The polyester fabrics go through strict tests after transfer. All our products are level five in color fastness to rubbing, perspiration, and washing. Applications Its main fields of application are digital printing for fabrics including Dacron and polyester fibers, and everyday products such as tracksuits, T-shirts, china cups, flags, decorative paintings, shoes, and bags. Color specification We supply four, six, seven, or eight colors sublimation inks suitable for large format/desktop digital printers/Pictorials machines. The eight colors are black (BK), cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), light cyan (LC), light magenta (LM), light black (LK), light light black (LLK). If any other colors are needed, please contact us to order. Advantages Fluent ink flow 1. Non-damaging to print head There are many reasons that cause the lack of fluency or the damaging of print head, including the use of poor quality materials, misuse of reagent, impurity of water or reagent, improperly large particle size of ink, and the lack of control over physicochemical parameters. These above problems, which destabilize the ink, often result in the aggregation of ink particles. The ink will in turn stratify or even precipitate, which not only causes the ink to have a short storage period and the printing process to lack fluency, but also jams the nozzle and corrodes the print head. COLORNANO inks are produced with imported manufacturing equipments from Germany, as well as American scientific ink formulas and nano technology. Special moisturizing reagent is also added to the formula to keep the print head from drying. Our products completely reach the standards of high-class imported inks, effectively avoiding the problem of jamming the nozzle or even damaging the print head. 2. High stability COLORNANO use the scientific Six Sigma quality management system and ISO0001 standardized processes. All our inks use real salt-free dyes, such as BASF and CLARIANT from Germany. Our products go through strict quality control procedures using advance imported testing equipments, ensuring the quality of inks is stable and the consistency between products. The special reagent added to the formula ensures that the heat sublimation ink has a storage period of more than one year, as well as that the effect of the transfer can be kept for a long time. Our multiple quality-ensuring systems provide our clients with high-quality inks that are stable and flow smoothly. 3. Rich colors and really dark black One problem with heat sublimation inks made in China is that the black ink isn’t dark enough for high-class printing processes. This is one of the main differences between inks made in China and imported high-class inks. COLORNANO inks use American formulas and imported raw materials. The wide variety of colors brought by our inks ensure expressiveness. All of our colors, especially the darkness of black, reach Korean and Italian standards.